We at Mob-Energy believe in the existence of a practical and easy charging, in an era when the vehicle becomes electric.

Created in 2018, Mob-Energy is a Lyon-based company offering a new solution to parking lot operators: charging robots for electric vehicle. Mob-Energy is also developing tools to support these robots, including the ME Analytics tool, which achieves the same goal: speeding up the deployment of charging points to make life easier for electromobilists.

Mob-Energy’s expertise in three points

Power electronics

Why work with us ?

Mob-Energy has chosen to be a pioneer in the electrification of mobility through innovations for your parking lot. In order to achieve its objectives, the company builds and deploys all its expertise at the service of its customers. Collaboration is the key word in a sector that is still in its early stages of development. Many references specializing in parking lot or major accounts have already placed their trust in the company and have praised the agility, seriousness and quality of this support.

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