Make the right decisions

You don’t just want to install charging solutions. You want to install the proper charging solutions. However, making the right choice is not easy because there is a lack of information available on the topic.

With ME Analytics, you can model your parking lots and dynamically simulate the performance of a given charging solution.


Implementing an electrification strategy is more complex than it sounds, and for good reason: the market is still in its early stages, consumers’ needs vary, and no days in your parking lot are alike.  Moreover, the costs to be incurred are important! Many parameters are fundamental and can make your investment a success or a complete failure.

Have you been considering the right factors?

How many electric cars?

What percentage of EV and PHEV?

How much energy to deliver?

What parking time?

What arrival and departure times?

What car models?

Slow, normal, or fast charging?

How much power available on the grid?



We program all the phenomena of your parking lot in a dynamic model. (A real sandbox.)

  • Based on data from your parking lot
  • Key phenomena related to charging
  • A model that can be improved over time, especially with the service data collected by ME Charge and ME Sight apps


    Rather than envisioning your certain future, imagine plausible scenarios. It is the key to good decision making.

    • Sketch the evolution of the number of electric vehicles over several years
    • In each scenario, test the solutions of your choice and the deployment rounds
    • Run the simulation: cars arrive, charge, leave…


    Each simulated scenario is an option available to you. Analyze their relevance in terms of finance, services, energy…

    • 4 analysis sections to understand the subject in its entirety
    • Zoom out: visualize the global indicators over several years
    • Zoom in: observe key phenomena
    • Compare the scenarios and identify the one that best suits you


    Each parking lot is a unique project. And each project requires several study scenarios. You can, via a secure online platform, access each project and the associated simulations.

    Online visualization of simulation results

    Dynamic and practical filters to zoom in on certain phenomena

    Modular indicators adapted to the needs of your study

    Model available for life: possibility to play new simulations or to make the model evolve by field data



    • =Answers to key questions through a common thread and a comprehensive approach.
    • =Modelling of your parking lot based on your data.
    • =A complete set of simulations, built by iterations.
    • =A real support by experts on the subject.


    • =More flexible format, for those who already have some knowledge of the topic and a good understanding of their parking lot.
    • =Design your own scenarios with the help of our experts.
    • =Results available on your online platform.


    Together with our partner laboratories and research institutes, our in-house doctors and engineers, we have built up real knowledge and enriched our databases in order to offer you the best models and the best simulation methods.


    Whether you already have some charging solutions in place, cars to charge or on the contrary nothing ready, ME Analytics is a key tool to move forward in your electrification strategy.

    You manage a fleet

    • You want to see to what extent a charging point can be shared by one, two or even three cars per day?
    • You are wondering if it is worth installing some fast-charging stations?
    • You want to know if certain car models (and their charging modes) can be compatible with your employees and their uses ?

    You manage a paying parking lot

    • You want to quantify the phenomenon of monopolization of parking stations and estimate the associated financial impacts?
    • You want to study the impacts of a more or less rapid evolution of incoming electric vehicles?
    • You want to test several pricing models and associated revenues in different scenarios?

    You manage the technical aspects of a building

    • You want to determine the real overflow coefficient of a site to size the power allocation as accurately as possible?
    • You want to forecast energy consumption and possible power overruns?
    • You want to study the impacts of different stations use policies?

    You’re installing charging stations on you clients’ sites

    • You want to save time and precision on the profitability studies of certain sites?
    • You want to push the risk analysis of your investments by varying certain hypothesis in coherent scenarios?
    • You want to demonstrate the relevance of your solutions and win tenders and contracts?