Your parking lot is a precious asset, supporting a mobility that is evolving and becoming more and more complex. With ME Analytics, select the appropriate charging equipment for your parking lot.

Understanding the tool


An expertise and a tool

Your parking lot is a valuable asset,
it allows to :

  • Welcoming and retaining your customers.
  • Offer a space to your employees.
  • Ensuring the conduct of operations.

The parking lot is the new electric pump,

in fact :

  • The electric car is charged when parked.
  • The electric car is the mobility of the future.
  • Laws require between 5% and 20% of equipped spaces.

Cost and impact on your parking lot.
Disadvantages of charging stations:

  • Installing a charging point makes a space dedicated solely to electric cars.
  • Deploying charging stations involves long and heavy work.
  • Long parking times create the phenomenon of unnecessarily monopolized charging station.

What is proposed by ME Analytics

Your parking, a complex reality

The reality of your parking lot is made up of uncertainties, random operation and varied uses. Finding the right solution would ideally require being able to test them before… which is not possible. The calculations are therefore approximated through static models far from the dynamic and fluctuating reality of the reality.

  • Modeling ME Analytics in progress 100% 100%

The digital copy of your parking lot

With ME Analytics, we recreate your parking lot and simulate a maximum of specificities: the path taken by users, their acceptance of a price for a charging service, their parking times… Ideal to test all solutions precisely and find the right one!

Why use the ME Analytics simulation solution ?

With ME Analytics, your electrification … plan your equipment in charging solutions and take the opportunities offered by an adapted charging service.


A realistic model

Thanks to flow simulation, the simulation of your parking lot comes to life and integrates all the nuances of its environment.


A custom simulation

With ME Analytics, explore and evaluate all solutions according to your strategy and your needs.

An investment

Your model is available for life and can be challenge for your future projects.