When it comes to managing a fleet of operational electric vehicles, recharging represents a major challenge. For Enedis, the installation of charging points not only had to meet strategic imperatives, but also ensure intelligent use of the power made available by the EVSE.

To recharge its operational fleet in Chambéry, the electricity network operator was looking to rapidly deploy a charging infrastructure for its electric vehicles that would smooth out power calls on the network and avoid consumption peaks.

It was against this backdrop that Enedis selected the innovative Eiko power cube, in particular for the intelligence of the charging system, which takes the strain off the electricity network while meeting the demand for recharging.

The challenges of recharging for operational fleets: the case of Enedis

Smoothing out consumption peaks

Enedis, a major player in the management of the electricity network in France, is committed to a strategic vision based on responsibility and sustainability. At the heart of its mission is the adaptation of the electricity network, ensuring its efficiency and preserving its integrity. Electric mobility, and the recharging infrastructure it requires, considerably increases the power that Enedis needs to install on its customers’ premises. That’s why the grid operator is seeking to meet these demands as efficiently as possible.

  • By storing energy during off-peak hours and redistributing it during peak periods, the Eiko power cube helps to relieve the grid. Consumption peaks are smoothed out for more sustainable energy management.

In Chambéry, but also in Clermont-Ferrand, the batteries in the Enedis Eiko cubes are recharged between 10pm and 6am, the lowest carbon hours in France. In the morning, these batteries are used first to supply 85% of the energy needs of the operational vehicles to be recharged. All in all, during the day, the power requirement of the IRVE installed at Enedis represents just 5 kW for 15 charge points installed!

Quick deployment, no work required

Installing charging points for an operational fleet, and especially for outdoor car parks, can be a complex operation. Roadworks, earthworks and electrical connections can be long and costly. And when the electric fleet is already there, it needs recharging.

  • At the Enedis site in Chambéry, the Eiko cube was installed in just 5 days, meeting the urgent recharging needs of the electric fleet deployed there.
  • Theabove-ground installation of the system avoids the problems associated with the civil engineering usually required for the deployment of charge points.
  • Interconnecting the terminals simplifies the installation process by considerably reducing the amount of cable to be pulled and copper to be used.

Your customized project

Every parking lot is different.

Every customer has his or her own recharging needs.

That’s why our solutions are modular and scalable, so that your recharging infrastructure is perfectly suited to your needs at all times.