Recharging an operational fleet

Whether driven by your commitment to corporate social responsibility, or to meet the requirements of the LOM law, your operational or delivery fleet is electrifying at a rapid pace. But your buildings, with their specific technical features and locations, make it complex and costly to install charging stations. And because your operations depend on the availability of your fleet, charging, its management and maintenance must be carried out with flawless efficiency and reliability.

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Guaranteeing operations and rounds
Without your vehicles, your business comes to a standstill. Your recharging solution must ensure that your vehicles are recharged before the start of the day.
Having the necessary power
Supplying a large number of charge points requires power that may not be available on your building. Asking for more can be time-consuming, costly and complex.
Responsive user support and after-sales service
Guaranteeing your operational excellence also means ensuring frictionless operation for your drivers. This requires responsive supervision and rapid maintenance.
Optimizing energy consumption
To reduce your environmental impact, you don’t stop at electrifying your fleet. You’re also looking to power your vehicles with energy from your solar panels.
Your challenges
Simply install your charging solution
Upgrade your EVSE to keep pace with your fleet
Opt for available operational support and responsive after-sales service
Reduce your environmental impact
Simply install your charging solution

The nature, the technical installation and the location of your buildings make your project to install charging stations for your operational fleet a complex one. Insufficient power, major civil engineering works, growing energy requirements : there are many issues that can generate ever-increasing costs and delays.

If you want to reduce your power requirements, keep civil engineering to a minimum and get the charging solution you need up and running quickly, the option of energy storage for charging is an attractive one.

Upgrade your EVSE to keep pace with your fleet

Each time a charge point is installed, your electrical network becomes a little more saturated. Until the available power is fully allocated, requiring more work, longer lead times and higher costs.

But just as your fleet doesn’t electrify overnight, neither does your parking lot. So you need to gradually electrify your site while pushing back the power thresholds.
Optimizing your infrastructure is essential as soon as the first charge points are installed.

Opt for available operational support and responsive after-sales service

Supervision of your charge points enables you to monitor the charging of your fleet in real time.

But we also keep an eye on your installation, and take the necessary steps to detect any anomalies and resolve the majority of downtime cases remotely, or with the help of trained on-site support.

If you have any questions, your teams and drivers can contact our support team via a dedicated hotline, enabling them to recharge their batteries more easily.

Preventive maintenance is carried out on your installation to prevent breakdowns. For your intensive and essential use, our enhanced maintenance contracts ensure that your system is up and running again as quickly as possible.

Reduce your environmental impact

Mobility is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, but decarbonization is underway, paving the way for more sustainable transport consumption.

Energy is nevertheless a scarce resource, and we need to know how to optimize its consumption. Store it when it’s available. Reuse it intelligently when we need it.

As an advocate of the energy transition, you anchor your commitment through the selection of innovative and efficient solutions. That’s also why you seek to maximize the self-consumption of your photovoltaic production.

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That’s why our solutions are modular and scalable, so that your recharging infrastructure perfectly meets the needs of your operational fleet at all times.

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