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More and more of your customers are driving electric vehicles, and they need to recharge. So having charging points open to the public on your premises is far more than just a regulatory requirement – it’s a selection criterion for your visitors, and a source of revenue for you. But installing chargepoints on your site can be complex, costly and inflexible over time, so you need to look for a solution that’s efficient, cost-effective and easy to use.

They trust us
Your issues
Complying with regulations
Between the LOM regulations and the compulsory installation of photovoltaic shade systems, the switch to electric power is underway for parking lots open to the public.
Generate traffic to your site
The presence of available charging points is a selection criterion for your customers. Attract them to your establishment.
Monetize your charging service
Integrate the ability to pay by credit card or mobility badge, and meet customer demand while generating additional revenue.
Offer your customers a service that reflects your image
The customer experience is key to your business: offer your visitors a transparent, easy-to-use service.
Your challenges
Reduce installation time and costs
Delivering the best user experience
Optimizing energy consumption
Adapting the EVSE to changing demand
Manage your refill service efficiently
Reduce installation time and costs

To make the most of your recharging service, you’re looking for the most efficient solution possible.
A solution that’s easy to install, requires little external works and little adaptation of your electrical infrastructure.

Whether indoors or outdoors, roadworks and connection to the electrical grid account for the vast majority of the total cost of installing charge points.

To deploy charging points more quickly and at lower cost, it is possible to use above-ground installation techniques and technologies that enable a single, low-power connection.
Without limiting user service, these technologies deliver performance equivalent to that of 20 traditional charging points, while reducing the power allocated to them by a factor of 10.

Delivering the best user experience

For electromobilists, the experience of recharging at public charging stations can be tedious. And you don’t want that to be the case in your establishment.

To offer your customers an experience worthy of your brand image, facilitate their access to recharging by taking care to offer payment methods, transparent pricing and a smooth ordering process.

For those who wish to pay with their mobility badge, your EVSE must be interoperable and officially open to the public. But the simplicity of payment by credit card could also appeal to your customers.

Optimizing energy consumption

More and more of your customers are switching to electric mobility, and you’re going to recharge them.
However, energy is a resource that you need to optimize.

Innovative, energy-saving and resource-friendly solutions enable you to have it both ways: offering your customers an additional service while optimizing your consumption.

Thanks to second-life batteries, you can take advantage of your infrastructure to store energy when it’s available, smooth out your energy consumption, make savings thanks to off-peak hours, and benefit from the energy generated by your photovoltaic shading systems.

Adapting the EVSE to changing demand

The electrification of the vehicle fleet is a continuous process. But the electrification of a parking lot is an iterative process, involving successive waves of new charging points.

Does this mean we should install more chargepoints than we need at any given time?
No. In fact, spaces equipped with charging points become exclusively electric. Oversizing the number of charging points in a parking lot therefore means denying access to some customers.
At the same time, undersizing a car park means ensuring the dissatisfaction of future electromobilist customers, and having to carry out repeated work to constantly upgrade the service.

The benefits of a solution that can be upgraded quickly and simply, without any work, to meet customer needs at all times, are undeniable.

Manage your refill service efficiently

Pour une prise en compte de l’ensemble des spécificités d’un projet, le choix d’un projet clé-en-main fait sens. Conserver un contact unique, de l’analyse du besoin au déploiement de l’EVSE et à son exploitation, permet d’opérer sa solution de recharge plus sereinement.

Un choix qui ne vous privera pas de pouvoir superviser vous-même les opérations, ou d’administrer le service, ses droits d’accès et ses tarifs.

Pour que vos clients aient toujours accès à un service fonctionnel, l’interopérabilité et la supervision à distance des systèmes permettent de programmer les maintenances prédictives et de déclencher des maintenances correctives si nécessaire.

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That’s why our solutions are modular and scalable, so that your recharging infrastructure is perfectly suited to your needs, and those of your visitors and customers, at all times.

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