Enedis, a major player in power grid management in France, invited the Mob-Energy team to present Eiko at Viva Technology 2024.

This not-to-be-missed European event for start-ups took place in Paris from 22 to 25 May 2024, and featured a host of innovations.

Find out how Enedis and Mob-Energy presented the new electric France!


Mob-Energy on the Enedis stand at Viva Technology 2024

Mob-Energy joined its customer Enedis on its stand for the duration of the show to present its Eiko power cube. The event provided an opportunity for customers and the solution’s creator to exchange views on the benefits of the solution.

Enedis and Mob-Energy, a solid partnership to reduce electricity consumption

Since 2023, Enedis has been installing the Eiko power cube, an innovative solution for storing and recharging electric vehicles, in several of its regional offices. Thanks to its second-life batteries, Eiko stores energy during off-peak hours to recharge electric vehicles when energy is more expensive.

At Enedis Chambéry and Clermont-Ferrand, the batteries in the Eiko cubes are recharged between 10pm and 6am, enabling Enedis to offset up to 85% of the electricity consumed by their vehicles.

The solution also enables Enedis to install charging points quickly and without the need for building work. At Enedis sites, Eiko was deployed in just 5 days, and thanks to its above-ground installation, no earthworks were required.

Lean charging: discover the secrets of leaner, more efficient charging.

Mob-Energy invites you to explore ways of intensifying the use of resources available for recharging. The challenge: to meet the challenges posed by a power shortage that is under-utilized and costly to install.

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